About Us

Bob and pizza oven We are a dynamic team with a combined food service background that includes many years of banquet catering, baker training with heavy emphasis on working with dough and pastry as well as specialty training as wood fired bakers which became our passion as it evolved into an insatiable love of fire cooked foods. We want to share the superior results of wood-fired cooking with food lovers everywhere.


I just wanted to say Thanks for coming out and braving the weather this past weekend for our vendor Christmas party. I really appreciated all your work. The vendors loved the pizza! I would love to have you back in the spring/summer... I will be in touch. Thanks again.
Alix A - Manager, Cambridge Farmer's Market

Each year, a group of friends and I celebrate the Christmas holidays by going to a tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree. This year we thought we would make it extra special by having Inner Fire Catering come to our house after to cater our "post" tree cutting party. The pizzas were incredible, my guests were more then happy with the service and how quickly the pizzas came out once the oven was fired up. Inner Fire Catering's pizzas are a unique and delicious idea for those throwing a party and looking for that "something" that makes their party different.
Sam S, Georgetown

Inner Fire Catering exceeded our expectations; we were guests at our own party. They set up effortlessly and began serving a variety of fresh delicious pizzas, something for everyone. The oven and its wonderful ambience became a gathering place. Robert, the cook, graciously answered all questions (except for revealing the secret to the dough). He easily accommodated requests for custom pizzas. We were free to enjoy our own party knowing that our guests' appetites were in good hands.
Jane Murray, Mississauga


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